Shifting Sands

There was a time,

Where I knew right from wrong.
Old folks said,
“Thou shalt not steal. Honor thy mother and thy father.”
“Follow the good word, and the world is yours to conquer.”
A child,
Unbound to the whims of the world,
I listened.
Hearing words,
and seeing actions.
I advanced forward,
The spitting image of those from whom I began.
Stealing not.
Coveting not.
I advanced,
Confident in stride,
For I knew,
Although the path ahead lie uncertain,
it was only right,
that the world bow to my will,
For it was mine to conquer.

Reared in an existence,
Colored shades of black and white,
I moved confidently,
For I knew the truth,
Light is good,
Dark is evil.
Walk in light and safety is assured.

There was a time,
Where I knew right from wrong.
But now ,
The sands have shifted anew.
A man now,
I have learned,
The world is mine to conquer, So I can’t steal.
The world’s possessions mine to amass.
But I grow confused,
why do they fight my forward plight?

Amidst seas of shades of grey,
My assured air has has drifted away,
the masses have risen against me.
The light of day shines too bright,
Safety beckons in the cool of night.

There was a time,
Where I knew right from wrong.
Yet ,
Floating adrift,
I have lost myself.
Light has become dark,
As dark has become light.

Two paths leading to places unseen,
If find myself thinking…
Maybe its best I walk somewhere in between.

Encounters: A Ride on the 2 Train

Sometimes when I sit down I wonder,

When you look at me what do you see?

I sit down, and begin to rock,

The journey begins….

Wheels turn,

Lights flicker,

The train shifts,

And bowed heads rise.

It begins.

Light dances between our bodies,

And makes room for my blackness to shine through.

Can you see it?

Rising further…

The ground rumbles,

The drums of my people call to us as they celebrate our union.

We are one.

Can you feel it?

My spirit remembers…

It remembers when we ran together,

Hunted together,

side by side,

One people united by one song.

The song of life.


Brothers and sisters in spirit,

We ran,

Side by side because we are one.

Can you remember it?

Time tried to steal our memories,

But I keep mine.
My heart can’t forget,

Our song beats a rhythm in my blood.

Can you hear it?

Our heads rise and our eyes finally meet…

The gateway has been opened,

And my truth lies bare for you to see.

Are you ready to hear my truth,

Are you ready to hear my song?

Can you see the majesty?

Embedded in mahogany flesh…

What do you see?

I extend an ebony hand,

Marred with the struggle and pain of my people,

I take the first step.

Are you ready to hear my story,

And join me as we sing our ancestral songs.

Remember our history…

how we began….

A white hand extends forward,

Weighted down by the blood on your forefathers hands;

A wall of the ideas of your upbringing block our path;

You reach past.

Our hands join.
The deed is done.

Healing lies beyond.
I rejoice in the progress which has been made.

The train shifts again,

And I am drawn to reality.

Our eyes meet,

You flinch,

look away.

I know what you see…..

I sigh and pick up the pieces of my broken dreams,

Temporarily torn asunder,

I pick myself up.

Love is giving,

Seeking nothing in return.

I won’t give up.

Tomorrow will be a new day,

And the train runs daily…

Welcome To My World!!

Hi Everybody! My name is Tcheser and this is my blog on health, wellness, and living the good life. I am a Mandarin/Spanish/Swahili/English speaking 20 year old college student and aspiring future doctor. I love running track for my college, singing, playing musical instruments, and learning languages and cultures. My purpose in starting this blog is two-sided in nature. On one hand, I am a vegan collegiate athlete with a passion for living healthily and with balance. I hope to share with you my journey as I grow and learn what exactly that means and looks like, and share the knowledge I have gained so far in the pursuit of that ideal. Secondly, in a general sense, I want to share my views on the social dynamics of our society and the issues therein, and my experiences growing up as a young black man in Brooklyn, New York. Through all of the conversations we will have and the stories we will share, the thing I most strongly want to be understood about myself is my belief in love as the answer for all. Whether it be making that right health decision, or dealing with that pain-in-the-butt student at school, the answer is always love. Loving yourself enough to step forward and do for you, or loving the other person enough to step away (and not punch them dead in the eye!). Through the eyes of love, we see that the world is already perfect, our lens just needed a good cleaning. So goodbye for now folks, talk to you soon. And again…

Welcome to my world! The Tcheser Experience…